Conditions of Use

Resale Cliparts TOU 2017
Please contact me at if you have any questions about my terms of use.
1. Don't claim them as your own design. Be nice, if someone asks give them a link to my store.
2. Although you can resale them as is, have some creativity when using them. Change them up, merge the layers, add or take away.
3. No license is required when using my templates except when it comes to mass production.
4. You can not offer my images on any CD form.
5. Don't share them!
6. Price them as you see fit.
7. You are allowed to create scripts and actions with my templates.
8. If you would like to create cutting files, embroidery files, or ribbons with my templates just message me first. There will be a special license with this and fee.
9. You can use them in freebies as long as the finished product is a merged image. 10. You can create websites, Etsy sets, clipart, jewelry, bottle caps, digital scrap kits, greeting cards, shrinky dinks, business cards, stationary, iron ons and gift tags.
Not sure if it's ok? Just message me!
Thanks so much!